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We are focused on selling alchohol on pallets (max 700kg) and halfpallets (max 240 kg). Our partner provides fast and reliable delivery. Why you should choose us? We are small company and take care of every product we sell. We send shipments twice a week! is an Estonian online store that sells alcohol from our latvian warehouse. You can pick-up your order within the opening hours of the warehouse or order delivery by yourself.

1. Add products you want to your shopping cart
Start by adding the products you want to the cart. By adding products to the basket, you can see examples of delivery from Latvia to Finland.

2. Go to the checkout and pay for your drinks
Once you’ve added all the products you want to your cart, it’s time to go to checkout and pay for your drink order. At the checkout, in addition to your contact information, you will provide information on which transport company you intend on using to transport the order. You place the transportation order with the logistic company separately. You can pay for the transportation also a bit later. Our payment selection include e.g. Online banking, cards and billing options.

3. Sign a contract of carriage
Once you have completed the beverage order on the website, you must make a transport contract with logistic company of your choice or let us know when you intend to pick up the order yourself from our Latvian pick-up warehouse.

4. We pack your order carefully
Once we have received confirmation of shipment or pickup of the order, the order will be collected and packed. We pack all orders safely, using high quality packaging materials.

5. The shipping company pick up your order
When your order is properly packed, the transport company you chosen can pick up the order from our Latvian pick-up warehouse. You will receive a packing confirmation by email when your order is ready for delivery.

6. Get your order and enjoy
If some products are missing or broken, take pictures of the broken products and contact customer service
We will refund any defective or missing products. Due to legislation, we cannot ship products afterwards.